Virtual Sales Training | Case Study

“Thoroughly engaging sales training and just what we needed at this uncertain time.” Dylan Purvis, Territory Manager, Smith + Nephew

The symptoms

Smith & Nephew is a leading global medical technology company. They specialise in Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine and Advanced Wound Management.

With the global impact of Coronavirus and a constantly changing environment, Smith & Nephew’s challenge was clear. They needed to win new business but in the worst market conditions the sales reps had ever experienced.

With a desire to keep sales teams motivated and engaged, the General Manager wanted to ensure that they had the right strategies to bounce back strong. They needed a different approach and something they’d not tried before. This is where Tenacity was able to help.

The diagnosis

Based on their immediate need for sales training and the focus on a proactive plan, we recommended specific modules from our Virtual Training Program. The content is designed to give teams a WINNING EDGE and demonstrate how to drive business forward in challenging times.

Using live, interactive training with bespoke content and exercises tailored to their specific teams, we delivered a series of Virtual Training Sessions to 75 sales reps.

The results

Despite early scepticism from some members of the team, we saw high levels of engagement and interaction over the 3 weeks. The training enabled each individual to view their business from a different perspective.

The Smith & Nephew team found it was just what they needed at this uncertain time. They now feel confident in their ability to bounce back strong with proven sales skills and a winning mindset.

“When I was told we were due to have sales training, I approached this with a degree of caution based on previous sales training I had received. Tenacity’s training was the polar opposite! The sessions have been thoroughly engaging. The training was intense but relatable and it was just what I needed as a sales individual working in Orthopaedics at this uncertain time.”  Dylan Purvis, Territory Manager, Smith & Nephew


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